You know how most women exercise just to try and lose weight and hate dieting? 

Our coach led small group sessions guide them to enjoy exercise, stop dieting and feel confident in their own body. 

Getting fit and staying in great shape long term is challenging. It can be difficult to find somewhere that can guide you every step of the way and support you to achieve your goals. 

Having helped women for over 20 years to achieve their goals,  stop dieting while enjoying exercise and feel more body confident we believe we can help you too.

Our approach is based around creating a friendly community where you feel supported, welcomed and a part of the family from the moment you start with us.  This is because we know how difficult it can be going it alone and listening to all the guidance out there on the internet.

We keep things simple from getting your food foundations in place through to each training session.  We know that mastering the basics helps you feel more confident with the exercise,  gets your stronger and reduces the risk of injury while keeping it fresh and fun in each session.

All our sessions are coach led meaning you are never on your own,  always able to work at a level that suits you whether you are brand new to exercise or joining us from another gym and we keep you motivated jusy when it feels you cant do any more.

Our gym set up is designed for small group sessions with 10 max down to 1 to 1 training,  this means trying new things wont feel daunting,  its safe and friendly.

How we can help you Succeed


Each session is designed to make you work to your best effort while feeling able and motivated. This means we build you up with new things so you feel confident and ready.


Our 45 minute sessions are quick to fit into busy lives whether your busy at work or with the kids, plus our luxury showers mean you can get ready for the rest of your day afterwards.


All our sessions are small group meaning you get effective help and support right there in the session, feel looked after and can ask questions as they come up for you. 


Community is at the heart of Boom Fitness, this creates a friendly and engaging atmosphere that you want to come to and is not intimidating from the very start.  As your achieve results and continue along your own journey,  when new clients start you'll be able to support them in the same way and help them meaning we all benefit and feel looked after.


Premium facilities and variety - our facilities have everything you need to work on those goals as well as feeling light airy and energising whether that's sweating in a session,  enjoying a coffee or showering to tackle the rest of your day.  We use a wide variety of equipment in your sessions,  some of which you may not have used or seen before but don't worry we are on hand to help.

Join our 6 week trial to feeling great about your body & gaining confidence with exercise.

Achieve the results you want

What a great place to get or keep fit. Small classes, plenty of motivation and support. Classes are varied and fun so you never get bored. Hence the reason I'm still going after 4 years. Roi and Marika are fantastic coaches and incredibly dedicated to helping and supporting you achieve the results you want. 


Being pushed to achieve more than she realised she could

I love it! I'm always pushed that step further and always encouraged to keep pushing, not only from a fitness level, but there's overall improvement on my knowledge around food, and removing the feeling of guilt from choices I make because I can change my confidence is boosted.

I always leave feeling calm and accomplished, not leaving with those feelings doesn't seem to ever be an option, and on a personal level that's what I look for. Thanks 


I didn't feel self-conscious at all

I am so pleased I found Boom Fitness. The classes offered, class sizes, coaching, and level of expertise are great! I didn't feel self-conscious at all and Roi was so friendly and welcoming. There were specific things I wanted to work on, and these were built into every session. A great experience which I can't wait to continue. 

Sophie Higgins

Join our 6 week trial to feeling great about your body & gaining confidence with exercise.