Helping Women Around Canterbury Feel Body Confident & Confident With Exercise

Join our 6 week trial to feeling great about your body & gaining confidence with exercise.

What makes us different

  • Small Group Fun
  • All our sessions regardless of service are small group with a max of 10 women in them, this way we can help everyone get the attention the deserve and need.
  • Going it alone often means you're less likely to succeed so as well as our amazing coaches, our community of like minded women will welcome you in to every session. No intimidation, no judgement in all our sessions.
  • We understand that most women have tried many many diets with varying success, we believe in good food, easy to follow steps to losing weight and above all fun.

Your Plan for Success


Start Your Trial

Your 6 week trial is where everyone starts, this allows us to meet you in our no sweat intro session, guide you to make simple changes and feel supported while training.


Commit to Coming

During the trial we will be in regular contact to make sure you are sticking with it, have support when needed and above all feel cared for from day 1.


Follow the Plan

When you follow our simple steps to a more energised you, losing weight and atoning up will feel much easier to do.


Stay the Course

We don't believe in quick fix fads or harsh dieting, this is a commitment to long term health, satisfaction and sustained wellbeing. Before the end of your trial we'll help you decide which is the best way to carry on getting results.

Success stories

Shelley felt supported during her trial and encouraged to try new things

Just finished a 7 day trial at Boom Fitness and I will definitely be staying!
The classed were fantastic at building up my confidence and working up a sweat!

There is a good range of different types of classes and the class numbers are kept low - this really allows form one to one support when needed and focus on techniques and personal goals.

It was also great to try out a PT session and I learned a lot from the Kore Therapy session.

Thank you Roi and Marika! I will definitely be recommending and will see you soon!

Shelly Van Birch

Being pushed to achieve more than she realised she could

I love it! I'm always pushed that step further and always encouraged to keep pushing, not only from a fitness level, but there's overall improvement on my knowledge around food, and removing the feeling of guilt from choices I make because I can change my confidence is boosted.

I always leave feeling calm and accomplished, not leaving with those feelings doesn't seem to ever be an option, and on a personal level that's what I look for. Thanks

Alisha Tulleth

Finding us Hannah experienced a supportive community where she felt comfortable to come regularly

Wish I'd known about this place ages ago; the 7-day trial is amazing and you can try your hand at a massive variety of classes (as well as a personal training session and a massage!) Great community atmosphere and actually very affordable - so many gyms have classes where no one engages with one another, but this is totally different.

Coaches are experienced, qualified and super friendly. Would definitely recommend!

Hannah Wood

How we can help you

  • Are you fed up of not losing weight?
  • Are you bored of all those diets? 
  • Wouldn’t it be great to lose weight, stop hating exercise and not have to diet all the time?

Our Coach led sessions guide you and other like minded ladies through our 6 week trial and beyond to results that help you feel amazing, confident and in control again.

We start with our 6 week trial where you will be looked after before you even step into the gym,

Our no sweat intro session will be the first we take together to show you round, help you feel ready for your first training session and know what to expect.

During your first 6 weeks you will come to up to 18 Coach led sessions where we will guide you safely through the session at a level you can manage with nothing but encouragement and excitement.

We will check in with you throughout the trial to make sure you are on track with your food, sessions and build your confidence in the small groups.

Helping you with your food is done in a few simple easy to follow steps that can be done with the whole family.

Join our 6 week trial to feeling great about your body & gaining confidence with exercise